How To Add Cookie Consent Warning To Your Blogger Blog?


 Hello Blogger, in this tutorial I will share with you all How To Add a Cookie Consent Warning To Your Blogger Blog. Your site has must cookie consent. It's helpful to get AdSense approval.

If you want to add cookie consent to your Blogger Blog then just follow the below steps.

Why use cookie consent for your site :

European Union's GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation has set a standard for all sites and online sites to give advance notice or warning for the watchers about the utilization of treats. Treats are downloaded in our gadgets consequently in our gadgets when we surf sites. These treats are utilized for better client administration, investigation, and advertisements.

How to add a cookie consent:

Step:1 Log in to your blogger dashboard and select which blog you want to add cookie consent to.

Step: 2  your Blogger dashboard. In the left panel and click on the Layout option.

Step: 3 Now, choose to Add A gadget from a preferred sidebar.

Step: 4 A new window will pop up. It contains the entire list of Gadgets, that you can add. Scroll down and choose HTML/JavaScript. Tap on the plus sign.


Step: 5  generate cookies for your site through an online tool or website

Step: 6 When you are done finally, you will get the code. Copy it and paste it into the HTML/Javascript gadget of your Blogger dashboard.

Step: 6 Then click on the save button.

Some online sites for cookie generate:

Presently, you can look online for any assistance which makes an altered treat assent plan. There are possibilities for nothing and paid administrations. Pick one. I attempted the Lite form. You can alter the agree on design as indicated by your necessity.

Presently, for picking strategy, you need to connect Read More to the Cookie assent strategy, so clients can tap on reading More and find out about the thing information is being extricated from their gadgets. Under Policy show, select Link to your own arrangement. For online journals, strategy URL will be the security strategy of Google, as a blogger is Google's item.

Now, it is done ✅

This is the manner by which the Cookie assent gadget will show up. Here, I have attempted with a free form. For most free forms, there will be a watermark of the organization whose help you have picked. You can select to utilize their paid assistance or just utilize the free help, on the off chance that you are not messed with their logo.


I hope this tutorial will help you to understand how to add cookie consent to blogger Blogs. what you think about this article and if you face any kind of problem-Related this article. Please let us know in the comment section.