How to install Killer Anti Adblocker in your Blogger

Hello friends, in this article I share with you the Best Anti-Adblock Script For Blogger. if your website is on blogger and you have got AdSense approval too! And if any visitor comes to your website who uses adblocker, then you do not earn anything from that visitor, Because he/she does not show ads on your site reason is ad-blocker.

 But if you are adding Best Anti Ad-blocker Script in your blogger then Unless the visitor turns off his/her adblocker, he/she will not be able to open any of your posts.

What is AdBlocker?

In simple words, AdBlock is a browser extension that is used by users to stop seeing ads on any website.

Currently, it is available in  Google Chrome, Apple Safar, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, and some other browsers.

How does Anti AdBlock work?

As Adblocker Blocks ads, Anti- Adblocker makes users forcibly remove Adblock to access the site, By Using this users can't access your site enabling Adblock.

Why use Anti- Adblock Script?

If users visit your site with Adblock, they won't see any ads on-site, if ads are not shown, your AdSense revenue will be down, so to get rid of this you have to use this script, It will work on every AdBlock browser

How to install Anti Ad-blocker

  • Step 1 -  First of all Login into your blogger account.

  • Step 2- After it Goes to the Layout section and clicks on Add a Gadget.

  • Step 3 - Now it will open in a new pop-up window. in this window search the HTML/JavaScript option and click on the ➕️ button like the below image. On this page, you can put any Script which is loaded in your blogger template code automatically.

  • Step 4 – After clicking on HTML/JavaScript, it asks you to put code. Copy below code and paste here.
  • <style>#g207{position:fixed!important;position:absolute;top:0;top:expression
    left:0;width:100%;height:100%;background-color:#fff;opacity:0.9;filter:alpha(opacity=90);display:block}#g207 p{
    opacity:1;filter:none;font:bold 16px Verdana,Arial,sans-serif;text-align:center;margin:20% 0}#g207 p a,#g207 p i{font-size:12px}#g207 ~ *{display:none}</style>
    <noscript><i id=g207>
    <p>Please enable JavaScript!<br />Bitte aktiviere JavaScript!<br />S'il vous pla&icirc;t activer JavaScript!<br />Por favor,activa el JavaScript!<br /><a href=""></a></p></i></noscript><script>(function(w,u){var d=w.document,z=typeof u;function g207(){
    function c(c,i){var e=d.createElement('i'),b=d.body,,l=b.childNodes.length;if(typeof i!=z){
    e.setAttribute('id',i);s.margin=s.padding=0;s.height='100%';l=Math.floor(Math.random()*l)+1}e.innerHTML=c;b.insertBefore(e,b.childNodes[l-1])}function g(i,t){
    return !t?d.getElementById(i):d.getElementsByTagName(t)};function f(v){if(!g('g207'))
    {c('<p>Please disable your ad blocker!<br/>This site is supported by the advertisement <br/> Please disable your ad blocker to support us!!! </p>','g207')}};
    (function(){var a=['Adrectangle','PageLeaderAd','ad-column','advertising2','divAdBox','mochila-column-right-ad-300x250-1','searchAdSenseBox','ad','ads','adsense'],l=a.length,i,s='',e;for(i=0;i<l;i++){
    if(!g(a[i])){s+='<a id="'+a[i]+'"></a>'}}c(s);l=a.length;for(i=0;i<l;i++){e=g(a[i]);if(e.offsetParent==null||(w.getComputedStyle?d.defaultView.getComputedStyle(e,null).getPropertyValue('display'):e.currentStyle.display
    return f('#'+a[i])}}}());(function()
    {var t=g(0,'img'),a=['/adaffiliate_','/adops/ad','/adsales/ad','/adsby.','/adtest.','/ajax/ads/ad','/controller/ads/ad','/pageads/ad','/weather/ads/ad','-728x90-'],i;if(typeof t[0]!=z&&typeof t[0].src!=z){i=new Image();i.onload=function()
    (function(){var o={'':'google_ad_client','':'adscale_slot_id','':'adPlaceId'},S=g(0,'script'),l=S.length-1,n,r,i,v,s;d.write=null;for(i=l;i>=0;--i){s=S[i];if(typeof o[s.src]!=z)
    if(typeof w[v]==z&&(!this.readyStatethis.readyState==="loaded"this.readyState==="complete")){n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=null;r.parentNode.removeChild(n);w[v]=null}};r.parentNode.insertBefore(n,r);
  • Now click on the Save button.

      That's it.


I hope this tutorial will help you to understand how to install Killer Anti Adblocker in your Blogger! Please let me know what you think about this article by leaving your comments below. And if you need any help ask below in the comment section.